His Passionate Reply

By J. Chester Ward

21st Century

If all the world were true to love,
and truth was spoken from every mouth,
and all riches were mine to gain,
all that is me would remain unmoved
until you were my love.

Time would then prove and reveal only
truth, where a lesser man would grow
cold. For my honey tongue and heart do
share, in fancy's spring, in all

Riches and material wealth soon fade, soon forgotten. Only a fool attempts to
purchase love, for his folly is ripe and
his reasons are rotten.

However my heart is at your feet and it
is my soul that I bare, my eyes
reach out with honesty and a burning
need to share.

But all that is me will remain unmoved
until you live with me, and be my love.

Then youth will last and love will
succeed. Our happiness no date with age
no need, and these delights my heart will prove, come, live with me and be my love.

DayPoems Poem No. 2392
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