Love As It Were

By George Jerone Jefferson

21st Century

heart to heart
we were bound by love
together we knew this had to be
in love we proclaim to the world
all that would listen
we were happy
to look in the eyes of each other
we see all joy to come
as our hair turn to silver
we smile then quietly in our moments
elder man with his arm around the elder woman
would never grow old
only rich in the good day of remembering love
how it really was
while they held hands
walking in moon lit lane
along the edge of the water flowing falls
they whisper quietly the declaration of love
bound with kiss seal in faith
love for ever more they promise
as the night move to day
yesterday alive in our heart
we can go back
only when we close our eye
to look at memories
of the times
we keep each warm
in our separate place
promise to keep
we would not say
what the wind heard
tree's observed
heart to heart we are bound
in the embrace of love
remember the moments young love
when i look at you
my forever love

Copyright 2003 by George (Brother DeBuff) Jefferson. All rights reserved.

DayPoems Poem No. 2340
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The DayPoems Poetry Collection,
Timothy Bovee, editor

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