Defeat on All Fronts

By Brian Okabayashi

21st Century

The dread attack has come,
The birds of prey,
Whose prey is us,
Are burning in the sky,
In white towers high above,
The screams and horror
We cannot our memory erase.
Us have they in bitter defeat?
No answer in dichotomy's dirge
Unto our dying nation comes.
Again, again, we beseech
The depth's of the mind so timid,
Yet, reason's hand, an answer offers,
Aggression 'gainst the perpetrators.
We, in fear, our charter now abridge,
Abrogate our sacred liberties
Which for our fathers died.
We, therefore, with all sentiment,
All reason, and all virtue,
That as human beings have,
The name which in we beg
Is none the less our neighbor's blood.
We, if supplant our freedom
The few from many catch,
The distinction of our land is spent;
Security no more is now,
The paper signed ago long,
Is voided, dead, and life without.
We, if sacrifice our liberty for unity,
Allow our enemies victory,
Not from their doing without,
Rather our doing within.

DayPoems Poem No. 2260
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The DayPoems Poetry Collection,
Timothy Bovee, editor

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