Just Going

By Penny J Van Slyke

21st Century

She reaches not for the unknown
But grasps the hands of familar
Buried deep in shadowlands
Painted on with glitter
Wrestling with content
Bored with infuriating pride
Anger is the loaded gun
She carries deep inside
Tired and worn down
To something empty and nameless
A reflection thats translucent
A shadow of a person shameless
No Joan Of Arc in her shoes
For she is not noble
Wicked mind of memories
She walks with the company abominable
The sound of a shaggy death
Like boats crossing coarse sand
To the moon and back, baby
An invisible boundry to some other land
Lifes map, a maze of lines and labels
Was this a boundry crossed
The roads will wind sure and true
But she was somewhere else, just going

DayPoems Poem No. 1704
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