Where Are You

By Brother De Buff

21st Century

The place in my heart is empty
I want to scream come back I love you
Words are lost
on my action of the past
Heavy is my burden I must continue
Must I let go now that you
turn your back on me
Is my void not meant to be filled
I love you
You realize that look in my eyes
naked is my soul
I want call your name
the wind is too loud
Why you canít hear
I love you
For in the quiet storm of life
I need your comfort
your tender touch
Please care for me
where are you I need you
My hurt want to be heal
touch me love me
You were my true soul mate
I love you too much
I need to move on now
Where are you so
I can say goodbye
My heart needs to be mended
Where are you
I need to forget you

Copyright 2002 by George Jefferson. All rights reserved.

DayPoems Poem No. 1697
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