The Thought of her

By Richard Hovey


My love for thee doth take me unaware,
         When most with lesser things my brain is wrought,
         As in some nimble interchange of thought
The silence enters, and the talkers stare.
Suddenly I am still and thou art there,
         A viewless visitant and unbesought,
         And all my thinking trembles into nought
And all my being opens like a prayer.
Thou art the lifted Chalice in my soul,
         And I a dim church at the thought of thee;
         Brief be the moment, but the mass is said,
The benediction like an aureole
         Is on my spirit, and shuddering through me
         A rapture like the rapture of the dead.

DayPoems Poem No. 1219
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The DayPoems Poetry Collection,
Timothy Bovee, editor

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